SUCCESS-By: Kim Truman

Many people want success and think they can achieve it by themselves.  Result; almost all fail.  Many people want to succeed and think they can read books and watch self help DVD’s to become successful.  Result; almost all fail.  Many people want success in overcoming addiction and think they can hear from their sponsor or therapist once or a few times and it will make recover a success. Result, almost all fail.  Many people want success and think someone else is going to make it happen for them in some magical.  Result; all of them fail. There are no universal ways or success formula’s that are guaranteed.


What do you WANT? What do you THINK? If you really want success, it is critical to find the right person or team of people who will help you understand who you are and what you want.  From there, they can assist in helping you establish your own goals by identifying your strengths and helping you navigate through you weaknesses and being pillars of support.  Together, they can help you clearly define what you want and whom you truly are and find your unique methodology to achieve your direction, dreams and goals and more importantly, set out an action plan on how to get there.  There are no right or wrong answers when you are on a personal discovery path, but it is vital to be honest with yourself about what your strengths and weakness are and acknowledge if you need some help; companies, cities and even families are not built on a solo effort!


No person on the planet can simply tell you how to do things, because YOU, YOURSELF need to find your way.  However, it is okay and advisable to ask for help, as none of us are not perfect.  If you can connect with the right person/people, who you can trust and believe in and they are ready to help walk with you all the way to success, then be open and prepared to let go of the ego and let them be your undercurrent or the guide to fulfilling your dreams and finding success.  Find your way by listening to and apply what feels right from the support and wisdom of other.  Only if your path is authentically your own can you hope to find any lasting success or total fulfillment of one hundred percent of your desires.


Real connect time is not merely reading self help books, DVD’s or trying to be a copy of someone else or someone else’s unique experience.  True connecting is achieved through relationships, in the letting go of the negative part of the ego, knowing the heart of your purpose and building an inspirational support team around yourself.  No person is flawless, not even the finest mentor you could find to help you follow your dreams or passions – they too have learned from failures and not allowing others in to help.  They would not want you to copy their same mistakes; they have the experience of time on their side for your advantage.  Connecting with the right support team, who you can implicitly trust and respect and who in turn, want to and can help you move along the road of success, is fundamental in the pursuit of your own personal happiness and success.





There is no distant connecting – if either the mind and heart or spirit, feel no rapport, then there will be no ability to build real truth or trust between the parties.  In this situation, it is a wasted effort to even try to forge a circle of trust and the best course of action is to try and find a genuine ally who can unreservedly be depended upon.  Instinct is an important consideration when building a support network because it is this network, whether it be a single person or a team of people, who will deal with your fears, deficits and the complexities of the issues you may consider your shortcomings.


You must be in a space where you can be honest with yourself, and resultantly, in turn be able to openly share everything with your supporters, to set up the necessary structures for success.  A key success factor to finding the right “cheer squad” for the “game of life” is be able to identify those people who enhance and fortify your strengths and pay reverence to your special talents and unique gifts.  When you make an honest alliance in this way and connect through the heart on an instinctual level and in a forum of openness, this is the most powerful foundation for reciprocal collaboration and support.


Developing personal and professional relationships lead to a maturation of professional relations within this core team.  These trusted relationships are the most significant in terms of building your confidence and identity and launching you towards your highest destiny.   These relationships should be open and honest enough to see your strengths and help with your deficiencies.  They should have the freedom to challenge you to, tell you candid truths or be the framework for dialogue of open opinion.  An exchange of ideas in such a setting should provide the inner self-confidence to set your heart on fire, to challenge you and to pull you upwards and push you forward.


Should you expect your team to know it all or have all the right answers?  Of course not!  Again, no one knows it all or is perfect.  Can they do it all?  No, no one can; there is always a ripple effect within a support system.  The important issue here once again is letting go, finding the right team and letting them help you and want to help you.  If you are afraid to trust; which is usually the most problematic issue, the simple act of letting go, dealing with that fear, taking a chance, embracing the challenge of facing that fear and taking a step forward, allows you to find your growth in the process.  Once you understand that growth comes from the act of letting go and trusting yourself and those who support you, other fears and phobia’s will not seem as disproportionately unbalanced as you are not facing them alone anymore.  This is another cumulative step towards greater holistic balance as a person and further reinforcement of your personal strength of character.




Success is the recognition of your strengths, being honest about your weaknesses and connecting all the invisible links between trust, your passions, dreams and goals and focusing that confidence to pursuing life fearlessly.  It is important to also remember your champions and in return, give gratitude, opportunity and support when needed.  The most successful people in life and business have always been those who manage upwards, their peers and inspirations, but also acknowledge the people who work for them towards the contribution to helping them achieving their goals.  Reciprocity or the concept of ‘Pay it Forward’ is a no lose game – Everyone wins!


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