From Clients


Kim’s cheery and energetic attitude makes me look forward to attending her class. She engages personally with each member by name and makes everyone feel connected and welcomed. I have been working out since I was in high school and like to keep mixing up the classes I attend so I don’t get bored. I am a morning person and ENJOY starting my day with someone who is happy and sincerely cares about my health. Kim goes around the room and helps people with form etc. I do not want to waste my time at the gym, so its important to me that the instructors explain why we are doing what we do and correct me when I am doing it wrong. Kim has a true talent for correcting form with encouragement!

Kim’s classes are Above & Beyond intense; filled with cardio intervals, functional based free weight training always changing things up on us each week to keep our bodies guessing -class is topped off with a power house core series. Leaving your body stronger ,your state of mind uplifted from Kim’s contagious positive coaching . I do not like to run outside and Kim is always aware of everyone’s different physical levels but she lets me go at my own speed without having to single me out -but inside I am becoming a stronger runner with Kim’s coaching, enthusiasm and belief we all can push ourselves beyond what our mind might want to tell us at 6am in the morning!

I like seeing a instructor who looks fit like Kim,is educated and is extremely passionate for people, fitness and life! She always brings a giant smile to class and is very motivating!

Judy Havelka | Territory Mgr. |

Hello, I wanted to say a few words about Kim Truman. I met Kim at Equinox when I took one of her ‘Tread and Shred’ classes. I was new to Equinox and had never taken one of these types of classes before. Kim was very friendly and went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable and that I was not only working hard, but also doing so safely. Kim always has a smile on her face and has always been there for me with any questions or fitness related issues. Kim has consistently been friendly, helpful and informative literally every time I interact with her. She has excellent professional knowledge, but also a great work ethic. I am impressed by her honesty and her willingness to be helpful, but not once has she tried to sell me anything! Which is a refreshing change from other trainers and fitness instructors. I have nothing but good things to say about Kim, she is the best trainer and instructor I have ever worked with.

Richard Bordelon

I’ve been doing Kim’s classes now for probably more than 12 years – that’s more than a quarter of my life. Simply put: They’ve been heaven sent. As a former collegiate track and field athlete, I struggled finding ways to stay fit and motivated once I entered the corporate world, but Kim’s classes have always gotten me back “on track”. Her training offers the best of both worlds: serious athletic challenge combined with irreplaceable camaraderie. We probably laugh as much as we sweat in Kim’s class – and we do A LOT of both. I can’t think of one time in all these years that I haven’t felt both physically exhausted, spiritually uplifted, and just plain happy after working out with Kim. All you have to do is show up, the hard work just seems to take care of itself.

Bill Cochran

In recent times, I had become overweight due to a combination of heavy work commitments, poor diet and little exercise. I have attended several classes from Kim in last 2 years, within this time period, I have formed the opinion that Kim is an excellent personal trainer and gym instructor. She has gone to great lengths to make me more enthusiastic about my personal fitness. Kim’s energy and attitude, her extensive knowledge of the human body and her ability to understand her client’s needs make her a very good gym instructor.

Shubham Pandey

I have known Kim Truman for years. The first time I met her was when she was subbing for my boot camp class and she kicked my butt. I then started taking her Friday class. She was totally engaging she really pushes each person to their limits- which really helps get the day started right. Kim not only is a good trainer and group instructor but really builds individual connections with with people. I really got involved with marathoning and stopped going to all my group fitness classes except hers. She is awesome positive and really helps peoples’ all around well being physical emotional and mental. She just rocks.

Amar Thakrar

Kim Truman is one of a kind; an inspirational and motivating personal trainer. I have never met such a beautiful, uplifting and cheerful trainer. I look forward to working out with her! She is a magnificent example of living a healthy lifestyle inside and out. Working out with her is an enriching and encouraging experience. My life has changed since I have met her as I now have an even more desire to work out everyday and eat healthy. I feel better now than I ever have before. Kim has certainly taught me the absolute value of a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Kim!

Erin Wells