Great Cardio!Whenever my clients ask me for life’s advice, it could go in many directions. I try to keep the first part of it simple/ without being intimidating by new challenges in their lives and my challenge of trying to express something profound and practical without being trite. So, here are some thoughts to think about or take into consideration.

Set goals and go after your dreams, but be prepared for the hurdles in life. Yes, you want to believe in your dreams, but educate and prepare for them. Another important key is to know your ultimate happiness will depend on not just how you plan for your dreams and goals, but your ability to cope with the unexpected and unavoidable roadblocks in life – or the ups and downs. Be prepared to have patience and perseverance because realistically you may not always get what you want, but if your willing to adapt be flexible be open for chang. You can get something even better.

Don’t underestimate the power of your “character” and your individual gifts and dreams. If you want success, don’t procrastinate or wait for it to find you. Be proactive and keep yourself motivated to stay on track. Like the old saying goes if you want to “win,” don’t “whine!” Success is made from hard work, perseverance, education, integrity, and truth to yourself, not just “luck!”

Listen to both your heart and your head. Pursue your passions and don’t allow let downs or negative thought set you back, and definitely don’t confuse feelings with facts of what you want in life! Almost nothing is as good or as bad as it first appears, and as in life all things have one thing in common “change.”

Remember, pain and disappointment are inevitable, but tough times are temporary. Enduring impact of our experiences and true nature of relationships are only revealed by time. Persist with confidence that no negative emotion can understand your “will” to be happy.

While on your path pursuing your dreams or line of work it is so important to fill your life with laughter and meaningful relationships. But don’t confuse fun or pleasure with the true depth of happiness. Don’t sacrifice a thousand tomorrows or a few todays.

Live within your meanings and don’t overestimate your ability to resist temptations that threaten your relationships or reputations.

Remember, how you make a living is important, but how you live and create your life is Vital. Stay true to who you are and what you believe in and embrace your uniqueness, there is only one you and we all have are own gifts to empower ourselves. Pay attention to your relationship within yourself and your personal relationships, no dream or amount of career success is worth losing your character and integrity.

This is just a quick summary of what to keep in mind stored away within you while living your life and pursuing your dreams. Create the realistic balance of pursuing a dream without losing yourself in life and remember CHARACTER counts and is your forever GIFT.