Right and Left Brain Dominance: Which are You?

Right Brain Dominant:


  • When given a task, you want to know why it is important because you like to see the big picture.
  • You don’t need to make lists becasue you like to “just wing it.”
  • You prefer painting or doing something artistic over doing puzzles becasue you enjoy being creative.
  • When traveling, you like spontaneous adventure. When things are too structured or planned it seems to wreck the excitement.
  • You are very visual. You like textbooks, paintings, and photographs.
  • You can remember a persons face but not necessarily their name.
  • Organization is not a number one priority. Your desk may look messy but you know where everything is in your mind.
  • Have to pay extra attention to the time. Usually running late, even if you meant to be on time.
  • Usually globally visionary people.


***Tips to help stay ahead of the game:

Try to take small steps in getting organized before getting overwhelmed. Ask for   help if you can’t do it on your own, very common.

Work on developing better time management skills.

Makes notes to self and lists of things to help you stay on track.

Use visualization to help you remember people and events.

Rhythmic activities help to regain focus. Listen to music if you are cleaning,         working, or even studying.



Left Brain Dominant:


  • When given a task, you don’t always need to know the reason it’s important.
  • You get a great deal in pleasure making ‘to do’ lists, and checking completed items off.
  • You prefer puzzles over looking at paintings.
  • When traveling, you want a structured plan in place, a full itinerary with everything planned out from hotel room to adventures.
  • You respond to verbal cues so you’d prefer listening to a lecture rather than reading a textbook.
  • You are very good at remembering names.
  • You are very organized and neatly put together.
  • Always aware of your time. Mostly arrives on time or early to events. Would get great anxiety from running late to anything.


***Tips to make your life flow more positively:

Stay on a routine schedule.

Always be prepared at work so you don’t freak out.

Make precise personal lists and separate work lists, it will make more sense to you.

Practice or study important information constantly, so you can reach your comfort level and are less critical on yourself.

Complete your tasks because that makes you feel complete.




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