Parent’s Habits and Children- By Kim Truman


How you live your life, and the choices you make for your lifestyle plays a
big influence on your children and their personal health for years to come.


1. Be a role model-Be Active, Eat Healthy, Live Happy! Turn off the television and the
video games. Research shows that children are being entertained by their
computers, TVs, and video games up to five hours a day. Help them to put down the
gaming controller and get active.


2. Encourage kids to play and be active in sports, dance, and getting together with


3. Play and interact with your children on a daily basis. Even simple things as blowing
bubbles with them can make a long lasting memory. Take them on walks in the park,
play hide and seek, ride bikes, or even dance around the house with some upbeat,
fun music. Let them be expressive.


4. Don’t put out a negative message about participating in physical activity, encourage
it for yourself and your family with a positive attitude.


5. Get physical and play with them as much as possible. Teach them school-yard
games such a hopscotch, tag, skipping, and hot potato. As long as physical activity
is a fun experience, your children will never want to stop.


6. When shopping at a toy store, look for active games and toys that will get your kids
up and moving around. Twister, jump ropes, bouncy balls, and hula hoops are all fun,
interactive toys that everyone can enjoy.


7. If they insist on video game, (and they will) try to choose gaming systems that get
them up and moving so they won’t get stuck sitting on a couch for hours on end.
The Wii console offers plenty of fun dance, sports, and multi-player games to
entertain kids for those times they may be stuck inside.


8. Expose your children to fun, positive, lively music. Bringing awareness of the mood
of music, and the energy it can bring can be fun.


9. Engage your child in group activities or organized sports. Both of these things can
help with their social and physical needs.


10. Choose healthy and nutritional meals for your family to eat. Making them
together can be a fun, educational way to instill good values in your kids early. Save
the drive thru and pizza orders for those special ‘splurge’ days. You would be
surprised how many families make everyday a ‘splurge’ day. Just because it is easier
doesn’t mean it will make their lives easier later.


Your children are smart and observe everything you do. Make good, healthy choices
now, and see them payoff for your children’s lives in the future!

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