Parapraxis- What?

Wondering what the word parapraxis means? It is the psychological term for “Freudian slip.” Freud believed if one erroneously said a word, wrong name, or verbal fragment that didn’t fit in context with what was being said, it wasn’t necessarily a mistake but had an underlying meaning. It obviously was on your mind and is in the fore front ready to be accessed resulting in some form of verbal explosion. Usually words are spoken accidentally in a form of heated conversation.

​It is important to really think about your words and the impact they will leave behind. Words are like history and can be so powerful, they leave an everlasting thought in someone’s head. How many times have you blurted out something you wish you could take back or not have said? There is not delete button for the negative words because our mind and memory let the words lay down their own path.

Remember in all relationships with friends, family, and spouses that nothing is perfect. Things happen, life is a puzzle.

Words cover all areas of our lives. They can bring tears of joy, tears of sadness, touch our hearts, fuel our anger, or even be the cause of major holes in our self esteem. The list goes on… In your personal and most precious relationships start to pay attention to the use of your words or statements. Sometimes with the ones we care about most, we are thoughtless distracted, saying harmful words to get back at one another. Saying inconsiderate things without thinking just because they got on your last nerve.

Just remember, words can’t be taken back. Yes, we are all human and all make mistakes, however, being aware of the results of words will make a huge difference in the people of your life. In relationships, the ones we love seem to be the easiest to blow off steam at, but those we love and care about are most likely the most sensitive to your words. They are the ones most affected when you say something careless.

Awareness and thinking through what your words could do will prevent much unnecessary drama and hurt. Show respect for the ones you care about. Though this does not mean you can’t express your anger, or hurt emotions; you just need to be aware of how you can maintain a respectful demeanor. It can be challenging but the reward is great. No apologizing! No tears or begging for forgiveness. Since no damage was done, no need for long, hurtful recovery.

​So when you are talking or find yourself arguing with a loved one, friend, or child, try to stay calm and don’t let anger or frustration take over. Remember the hurtful marks an emotional scars that will be left behind, then stop and take a break. Agree to disagree.
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