Out of the Ordinary Running Tips

1) Balloons and your Breath-

You are going to take a regular balloon and blow it up to its fullest! Take the balloon to your lips and inhale through your nose and exhale,slowly blowing into the balloonpause every 3-5 seconds and repeat until the balloon is completely full. Forced exhalation opens up your lung capacity and strengthens not only your lungs but your diaphragm. Developing deep breathing skills helps with your running endurance and also helps to calm your Autonomic Nervous System so you can learn to pace your breathing patterns while you run.

2) Gab and Grab Foot Exercise-

Talking on the phone and adding in this simple foot strengthening exercise will help one make the most of their time! Place a small dish towel on the floor in front of your feet and use your toes to reach, lengthen and grab for the dish towel. Keep working the toes to pull in the dish towel all the way towards you. So you can make a phone call and strengthen your feet at the same time!

3) Tricky Games-

Set a mental strategic game up for your next long run! Strategize your points of interest along your route and what your ending location will be. Give yourself tag points for each location on your route- for example you can create a number point system for each object or point of interest. For example each street sign is a point but when you cross a bridge or a big object you give yourself bonus points. Make it a strategic game so you don’t get bored with your run and the games end up a win-win outcome for you in your training!

4) Vibe and Balance-

This exercise using the Power Plate vibration will help your coordination and balance for your runs. Step onto the Power Plate both feet hip width apart, vibration is on and you are going to stand up tall and alternate lifting your feet- lift your right foot up and balance and hold for 15 seconds and alternate to your left foot. Repeating for 10 minutes. This will help improve your proprioception, balance and coordination with this dynamic stabilization technique.

5) Run with Rhythm-

Before you set out for your run grab a handful of coins and place them in your pocket. Once you set out on your run you will hear the jingling rhythm of the coins and try to have fun with the rhythm. Find your running stride and pace and follow the rhythm of the jingle of the coins. This will help you focus, connect to your run and pick your running pace up!

This is the first 5 tips out of 10.

In Health and Happiness,

Kim Truman


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