Opitimal Breathing Pattern

1) Breath should be a natural flow inhaling and exhaling silenting inhaling oxygen in expanding our ribcage and contracting always accomadating our activity level. The challenge is for one to become aware of the power of our breathing patterns to be the most beneficial to our health.

2) what are physical effects from poor breathing patterns:

Shallow breathing does not allow your body to be fully oxygenated at the cellular level. Sleep apnea, insomnia,psychological and physical problems like heart problems and nervousness and anxiety. Lack of a optimal breathing pattern will also leave you feeling tired, poor concentration lack of desire to do any physical activity.
3)What are benefits one can see from improving breathing:
As one becomes aware of their breathing patterns and consciously practices breathing patterns focuses on the benefits breath can have on ones body to help feel better and transform ones health from inside out! Breathing in more oxygen and increasing blood flow only is a positive to provide more oxygen to the brain, nervous system,and the function of all the functions of all our vital organs throughout our bodies helping to support our bodies process of eliminating toxins.physical benefits can be achieved with enhancement and awareness of breath from sports/athletic performance,increase blood flow to heart and lungs,connect you to your meditation or yoga practice,and energize all over wellness. Besides the physical benefits there are mental/psychological for helping with stress,mental disorders,Add,anxiety to name a few.
4) Breathing can definitely improve through practice. Once one becomes aware of breath and how breathing affects ones well being. Awareness of beneficial breathing will make one no longer take breathing for granted. The challenge is to focus on the depth and pattern of breath and finding the right exercises to help increase and improve patterns for best health benefits.

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