Making household chores work for you!

You don’t have to leave the house to get fit.  Start by bringing the energy home by pumping up your home stereo.  Think about all the household chores you can turn into a workout.

Build shoulders strength by washing windows, vacuuming, sweeping and raking.  Grab two gallon jugs for curls, lateral raises and sumo squats while incorporating front raises.  A full laundry basket isn’t always a bad thing.  With a wide grip, do 3 sets of upright rows, dead lifts and torso twists.

Keep that heart rate up by doing a set of 20 jumping jacks in between chores.  Remember to switch arms to even out the workload and definition while scrubbing the bathtub.  You don’t have need a stadium full of bleachers to build your glutes and quads.  Short bursts of climbing your home stairs can do the trick too!

While putting groceries away, squat before putting the squash in the crisper or the spaghetti sauce in the pantry.  A whole bag of groceries can add up to a lot of squats and a firm behind.  Lunge all over the house.   Building large muscles allows the body to burn more calories.

Cleaning out your closet not only rids you of old, unwanted clothes, it also rids you of calories.  Pulling, reaching and lifting give your upper body and back a nice workout.  While waiting for the clothes to tumble, lean into the wall with your hands and do a few sets of vertical pushups.

Ladies, if we have to keep the house in tip-top shape, we might as well do the same for our bodies!


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