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Jumping rope may seem like something that we did when we were kids. You may think it’s just too childish to be a real workout. But just think back to all the images that we have seen of world-class boxers skipping away. Jumping Rope is an excellent exercise to help improve coordination, build muscle strength, and build cardio endurance, says Kim Truman, trainer and former soccer player.

The most complicated part of the process is making sure that you have a rope that is right in size for you. “Measure it by standing in the center of the jump rope and pull the ends up to reach your armpit level, says Truman. “If it reaches over this level it’s to long for you and if it doesn’t reach its too short for you.” she says.

Hold the ends of the jump rope loosely in your hands, keeping your elbows relaxed with arms slightly low. Place the rope behind you at your heels, then using your hands and wrist start to propel the jump rope over your head and in front of you and when it comes down in front if your feet jump up with both feet. Keep practicing this basic jump rope move and find your rhythm and a pace you’re comfortable with. Do this for 5-10 minutes.

Start off with basic jump rope two foot warm up jump then switch to jumping only on right foot for 1-2 minutes then switch to left foot only 1-2 minutes. Take a thirty-second break.

Now alternate feet jumping right and left with heel taps 2-5 minutes. Take a 30 second break. While doing the basic move then jump forward with both feet jump forward few feet then jump back few feet repeat this for 2-5minutes. Take a 30 second break slowing down jumping pace.

Keep jumping rope then to add in side to side by moving to your right then come back to center and jump to your left side. Do this for 2-5 minutes. Take a 30 second break.

Start by jumping rope and then start to run forward at the same time. Take a 30 second break. Now go back to a basic move and cool down for 2-5 minutes.

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