Makeover Monday: Keep Moving During the Winter Months


Yes, it gets dark earlier. Yes it’s darn cold in the morning but those are not good excuses for allowing your body to turn to flab. We all know that time flies by which means that May will be here before you know it an so will bikini season.
Now since no one wants to sport a muffin top at the beach you need to get moving now. So take these helpful tips from Kim Truman former athlete, dancer and now fitness trainer and get your body in action NOW!

Plan Ahead:
Decide what your workout goals are for the week and write them down. Make sure that to lay your clothes out from the night before. Keep your workout interesting by creating a motivating and upbeat playlist to give you extra oomph!

Commitment and Accountability:
Plan what workouts you are going to do for the next few weeks. Commit to joining a run club, hire a personal trainer or find a fitness buddy. These are the types of plans that help to keep you motivated and honest.

Challenge yourself:
If you belong to a gym, look over the group fitness classes and push yourself by taking as some of their group fitness classes. Try for three the first week and you may find that it’s a good way to make a dull exercise plan fun!

Time Management:
Make time in your schedule for your workouts. Remember you should be a priority in your own life. You can’t take care of others if you are not taking care of yourself.

Get your Family Involved:
Plan adventures with your family that promotes movement such as bowling, ice-skating, snow shoeing or skiing. This creates an environment of encouragement. Knowing that working out is natural encourages more of it.

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