Makeover Monday: Get Moving! –


The current artic weather throughout the US can really put a damper on all the good intentions we have for working out. Still we can’t allow these torturous winter months to create an obstacle to living a healthy lifestyle.

When the bed is calling your name and the alarm goes off or the weather is bleak and cold don’t let excuses stop you from taking action and to get moving, saysKim Truman Personal Trainer.

Here are her helpful tips to help you plan ahead and commit to keep fit in the cold weather.

Plan Ahead-
First of all create a schedule by setting your alarm the night before and putting out your clothing. Also, plan a strategy for the week, such as yoga three times per week and walking for 30 minutes every other day. Plans help to create routine.

Motivate Yourself-
Create a motivating and upbeat music playlist to give you extra oomph.

Commit to plan of what kind of workouts you are going to do for the next few weeks or month. Also, get yourself a fitness buddy they can help and keep you on track.

Challenge Yourself-
If you’re a member of a gym look over the group fitness classes and challenge yourself to follow through taking so many classes a week.

Time Management-
Be prepared to put your workouts a priority in your schedule. Break your workout up into 10 minutes three times per day. “It’s quality of your work out if quantity,” says Truman.

Family Time-
Engage your family in activities that requirement movement. Going to the movies can be fun but walking through a museum can help to burn calories. Even better build a snowman and have friendly snow ball fights; ice skating, broom ball, snow shoeing all great ways to get the heart pumping.

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