Jump for JOY!!!

Jumping Rope is an excellent exercise to help improve coordination, build muscle strength, build cardio endurance, improve agility while having fun doing it! Yes jumping rope can be challenging, but be patient and don’t give up! With practice you can master the jump rope and then start to find ways to challenge yourself more!!! All you need to start jumping rope is a great jump rope and yourself!
Sizing the Rope


You will need to measure the proper sized rope for your size. Measure your rope by standing in the center of a jump rope and pulling the ends up to to reach your armpit- if it reaches over this level it’s too long for you and if it doesn’t reach its too short for you. You want the right fit to make your jump rope experience feel right for your body while swinging and propelling rope over your head and around while jumping.


Set up for getting started with your jump rope!


Introduction to the jump rope and warm up:


  • Hold the ends of the jump rope loosely in your hands, keeping your elbows relaxed with arms slightly lowered. Place the jump rope behind you at your heels, then using your hands and wrist start to propel the jump rope over your head and in front of you and when it comes down in front if your feet jump up with both feet. Keep practicing this simple jump rope move and find your rhythm and a pace you’re comfortable with. Also, if you are new to the jump rope you can always practice jumping rope with invisible jump rope until you feel comfortable enough to add in the jump rope. Remember to be patient with yourself and the jump rope if you’re new to this! Remember, jump rope skills may not come easy but once you have it down, the fitness benefits are immense!


Basic Warm Up:


Have everyone get familiar with their jump ropes- each student will have a different skill level so make sure they know not to compare themselves to one another!


  • Spend at least 5-10 minutes letting everyone find their rhythm with the jump rope! Make sure to demonstrate so everyone can visually see each move.


  • They will be doing good old fashion jumping once with each swing of the jump rope keeping both feet jumping up per jump rope revolution or swing. This will be their baseline move of jumping rope and what to come back too in between trying different



Change Up The Steps: Start off with the basic jump rope two foot warm up jump then add in:

#1- Alternating Right and Left Feet: Switch to jumping only on your Right foot for 1-2 minutes, then switch to Left foot only 1-2 minutes.


  • 30 second breaks will be added in between each move- the 30 second break can be an active break doing alternating lunges or marching in place while you catch your breath


#2- Heel Taps: Alternate feet jumping right and left with heel taps for 2-5 minutes


  • Take a 30 second break


#3- Return back to first jump rope move to get back into rhythm and prepare to move onto next steps! Try to see how light you can be on your feet- think Muhammad Ali! 2-5 minutes


#4- Front to Back Jumps: Keep jumping then with both feet jump forward a few feet, then jump back a few feet and repeat this for 2-5minutes


  • Take a 30 second break by slowing down your jumping pace (if you need to stop jumping then march in place and catch your breath. This applies to all the 30 second breaks)


#5- SKI HOPS Side To Side Jump: While your jumping rope, add in Side to Side jumping. Jump to your right then come back to center and jump to your left side! Keep jumping with alternating side to side jumps for 2-5 minutes.


  • Take a 30 second break


#6- High Knees Running in Place: Try to run with high knees while jumping, alternating your legs right and left as fast as you can for 1-2 minutes


  • Take a 30 second break


#7- Half Jacks with Jump: Open and close your legs with alternating jumps. As your legs jump out to the side, keep your jump rope going then bring your feet back together in center, so right after the rope passes in front of your feet, jump and open your legs then close them in center. Do this for 2-5 minutes.


  • Take a 30 second break


#8- Crazy Cross Overs (aka Arm Crossed): Keep jumping rope with the same swinging motion and cross your arms, holding onto the rope with both hands in front of you. As you hop and jump with both feet your arms cross in front of you holding the jump rope to make a cross over movement in front of you while jumping rope. Repeat this for 2-5 minutes.

  • Take a 30 second break


#9- Run Skips: You will be jumping rope and start to run forward at the same time. So start jogging or running in place while jumping rope in place, then start to run forward. If you have a big space you can run skip around the room in a big circle or run skip jumping across the room and back!


  • Take a 30 second break


#10 BONUS MOVE: The Double Under: Now that you’re getting comfortable switching up things with your jump rope learning the Double Under can be your next challenge-


  • This move requires you to swing the jump rope around 2 times in one jump… So you’re doubling up your jump rope swing at a fast pace to fit in the 2 time around while you jump only one time around. Do this as many times in a row as possible – keep the speed with your wrist rotations and arm speed!You will have to jump a lot higher to account for the extra time it takes to spin the jump rope around twice in one jump!


Cool Down: Stop jumping and walk in place. Take the jump rope and hold on to it with one hand and focus on your breath while slowing your body down. Take at least 10 deep breathes before completely stopping to stretch. Cooling down is a good way to end your high intensity jump rope workout!


  • Stretches: Always make sure to provide enough time for a cool down and stretching.

– Grasp your rope with both hands about shoulder width apart… holding on to the rope

stretch and reach your arms to the sky


  • – Bring arms back down


  • – Reach arms back up, still holding the jump rope, then side bend to the right and side bend to the left


  • – Bring arms back down


  • – Bend over from the waist, take the jump rope and wrap it around your right foot with

your right leg extended while sitting back into your hips. Then switch sides- let the jump rope help lengthen your stretching


  • Come back up and shake your arms and legs loose!


You can also add in more fun when jumping rope with activities like hopscotch, relay races, singing songs when jumping, and other fun activities centered around the jump rope! Jump rope workouts not only improve and provide cardiovascular and muscular strength but studies have shown that jumping rope improves self esteem and improves reading, writing and math skills!


In Health and Happiness,

Kim Truman

Professional Fitness and Wellness Expert specializing in High Performance Athletic Training/

Life Coaching/ MT Nutrition Advisor and Independent Writer


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