Inspiration for your Runs

By Kim Truman


  1. 1. Goal setting and logging your workouts and progress

A training log will offer you not only a strategic plan, but show you what works and what doesn’t work. Here are some things to consider when making your training log:

  • A start-out plan; be  flexible for change
  • Type of runs; how often, how long and how many times per week
  • Effort level associated with each workout; some days may be a super push run and other days may be a relaxed paced run
  • Total mileage for the week and month; set realistic goals to prevent injury and burnout
  • Consider your nutrition and water intake during the week and pre/post workout
  • Consider the weather and if running on treadmill or outside
  • Make notes on how you feel emotionally and physically after your runs.
  1. Music is one of the most powerful and inspirational factors to help you rev up your run. Just be careful and aware of your surroundings at all times. Personally, I only wear one ear bud even when I am in the gym so that I always have an awareness of my surroundings. Music excites the brain and can add more energy and excitement to enhance your run.
  2. Download training software. Coaching software can help cheer you on when the fatigue sets in.
  3. Have a running group or partner. Having a group or partner to run with not only is fun, but makes you more accountable to follow through with your workout schedule. It will keep everyone on task. Also your run will go by much faster with others by your side to chit-chat with. Bottom line is knowing you have a partner or group involved as a team or partnership is great motivation to help you get started, stick with it, and follow through motivating one another to the final result.


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