The Immune System

The immune system’s primary function is to protect the body against various types of infections and diseases.  Supporting the immune system is critical to good health.  By supporting your immune system through diet, paying attention to your stress level and getting enough sleep, you help your body to resist and reduce susceptibility to colds, flu and other viruses and diseases.

A weakened immune system leads to infection and leaves the door open for other unwanted issues to attachk your body.  A damaged immune system and not taking care of yourself or addressing unhealthy habits will only lead to a recurring cycles of illness.

The best approach to building your immune system involves looking at your lifestyle, stress levels, current exercise program and diet and nutrition.  Targeting the problematic areas will allow for balance and eventually wellness.

Studies have shown that our outlook on life and the mood we choose has a lot to do with the function of our immune system.   When we are happy, alert, moving and eating healthy our immune system functions much better.  When we are moody, depressed, physically inactive and under-nourished our immune system mirrors our mood.  It becomes sluggish and more susceptible to illness and breakdown.

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