How to prevent cramps

Researchers report that cramps arise when there are too many fluids in the stomach area causing a tug on the ligaments that connect to the diaphragm.

Follow these helpful tips to avoid those painful cramps in the mid-section:

Never exercise right after a meal, large drink or large consumption of water.  Allow 2-3 hours for digestion/absorption.

Consume small amounts of fluid frequently during the exercise rather than a single large amount to reduce the amount of fluid in the stomach area at any one time.  Some sports drinks may be better hydrators than water because they take longer to leave the intestinal tract.

If a stitch strikes, lean slightly forward and tighten your abdominal muscles while focusing on deep breathing.

If you’re frequently plagued by stomach and side stitches, turn your focus to how you’re working out.  If you’re pushing yourself to full exertion, slow it down and break up your pace.  Be sure to breath deep for full oxygen flow and relaxation.


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