Having a Healthy Respect for Teamwork

Some may disagree that being part of a team is not the way to approach life. Well I see it as a plus ;if everyone is there to motivate and help empower one another and acknowledge individual strengths and what adds to the group as a plus factor. It may not seem like the most efficient way to get things done but it will definitely ensure the best solution to the group’s “problem.” The problem lies within everyone’s ego if we could all see we are here for a higher purpose and to add all our individual qualities to one group everyone will benefit and learn from one another. Some of the people on your team might rub you the wrong way and you might feel resistance from them, but this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know them better and find a new way to appreciate the value they bring to the group. We all are not made from the same mold and if so wouldn’t life be boring?  After all, they wouldn’t be part of the team if they weren’t valuable, right? Find the value in everyone you work with and correspond with and see if you might learn something from your new open mindset. Remember we all have are strengths and weaknesses so have patience and a open heart. Take one for the team to make your work a WIN- WIN setting and formula!!!


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