Happiness in Being

Many have the jaded mindset that money and social status can lead to true happiness for one’s future; however, a mind focused on the future is set up for repeat failure. It causes one to repeatedly focus on “what could be” and not embrace the things in the present that could lead to immediate happiness. This mindset will subconsciously consistently lead one to feel let down, as they are not able to have what they have predetermined as their definition of success. When you can focus on things in the present that make your happy or define the activities that suggest the opportunity for you to be happy, you are able to determine how you value yourself. Often times when goals are achieved, there is a short-lived feeling of happiness that is birthed from the “accomplishment” factor. This cycle can often create a trigger that activates the internal limiting dialogue that is not headed down the happiness lane. Negative self talk will be a product of happiness achieved through these means when one isn’t able to accomplish the next level of “success” they self generate.

Happiness can best be achieved when one sets their mind on the “now” or “just being” state of life. Make yourself familiar when you internally bring yourself down. Kill all negative thoughts when they enter your mind so that you can truly focus on what makes you happy right then and there. Program your mind to enjoy the present. You are worthy of your own happiness today, not the idea of happiness in the future. Live in the moment and find happiness in being.

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