Fit Like Us: NBA Team’s Favorite Ab Toner

NBA Team’s Favorite Ab Toner

Look and feel you’re very best as you slip into your white jeans (a SELF staffer’s staple) this summer with the help of today’s core-enhancing move from Dallas Maverick’s trainer Kim Truman. Get ready to work your ab muscles and rev-up that heart rate with this NBA basketball teams’ favorite plank variation.

The Move: The Caterpillar Plank

Target: ABS, arms, chest, lower back

You’ll Need: a mat (optional)


How to Do It: Start in an upright athletic stance. Squat down.


Place palms on the floor. Slowly walk your hands forward keeping your hips from sagging and your core TIGHT,


until you reach a full plank position. When you’ve reached your furthest point without breaking form,


SLOWLY walk your hands back up to beginning position.Slowly stand up, stacking one vertebra at a time until right. That’s one. Repeat for 6-10 reps. Aim for 3 sets a few times a week.


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