What do a cellphone and a Sports Illustrated Model all have in common? They can both be huge distractions. Cell phones and texting have become a very dangerous and serious topic. Instead of being distracted by the model, take some time to actually look at the magazine.

This was a major topic at last month’s Transportation Department’s Distracted Driving Summit; how to deal with driving and cellphones. Texting and the consequences of this distraction can be deadly. This past August, a doctor in Los Angeles was texting a picture and message about his dog to a friend as he drove off a cliff and died.


Ways to Help:

-Oprah’s Campaign not to Text.

-States that have banned it.

-Warning labels on cell phones, more help from social media.


Although many states have a ban on texting on your cell phone while driving, studies show these bans have very little effect on people’s habits. So if you are driving and have a need to text think twice about it. Don’t be reckless! If it is urgent, pull over to a safe place and then text. Make sure you arrive to your final destination safe and sound.


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