CONFIDENCE- It comes from being true to yourself and not trying to fit a mold or what someone is telling you too be! BE TRUE TO YOU!!! Remember nothing is ever PERFECT-EVER!!!

CONFIDENCE- Dont procrastinate put your best foot forward and do what needs to be done,no matter how uncomfortable the situation might be! Do your work on time,set schedules,manage your time and confront your fear and you will be amazed at how confident you will feel with each positive step forward.

CONFIDENCE-Carry yourself with strong and confident body language. People sometimes do not realize how important body language is. STAND TALL and walk with your own power from within,make eye contact. If you feel this isn’t your strongest point then “fake it until you make it” and it will then become second nature. Trust me we have all been nervous and had our times of anxiety…you learn to go with the flow and conquer little tasks one by one until it seems like no big deal!

CONFIDENCE- It comes from knowing who you are or the person you are becoming. Focus on what your own personal core values are and be true to them. Be good to yourself even if you make mistakes along the way-the falls and stumbling of life experiences is how we learn and grow!


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