The Benefits of Working Out While Pregnant –

If you have been on the internet at any point in the last three months you might have come across the story of the model while pregnant posted pictures of her very toned abs. It drew quite a bit of attention some feeling as though it might not be the healthy or the right thing to do.
Well Fitness guru Kim Truman wanted to help us better understand the benefits of exercising.

I am sure this goes without saying but I will say it anyway. Please consult your doctor before starting this or any other exercise doctor. “Do your research and find someone who can coach you on proper exercises during pregnancy, says Truman. “Also keep in mind that even if you have been pregnant before, each time is different.”

Good reasons to get moving-

During pregnancy it will help you feel good emotionally and physically, because exercise releases those feel good serotonin hormones.

A fit mommy benefits your baby’s health.

Moving at last 30 minutes daily benefits you helping by building up your strength and stamina; preparing you for the strength and tolerance you’ll need during labor and delivery.

As with any other time when you are working out staying hydrated is important. You are now staying hydrated for two!

As important as exercise is for your health so is getting adequate rest. Listen to your body and take naps when you need to. You have a human growing inside of you and that is pretty hard on the body.

Though you may have been fit prior to pregnancy your routine will need to change. Slow down no need to put your body under undue stress. Everything that you do now impacts the little one.

Once you are in the third semester you might need to back off on some more strenuous activities, especially sit ups and crunches. Also avoid anything requiring you to lay flat on your back that could endanger your baby.


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