A Moment In Time by Kim Truman

Life is on a daily basis broken down by moments. These moments can be good or bad, useful or a waste of time. But we always have the choice and ability to choose and determine which direction we want out moment to be. Remembering that we have these moments and the ability every moment of everyday is often challenging, however, it is easy to picture everyday as a new life or new start. And, it is in each day that we have the opportunity to be happier, eat healthier, exercise more or whatever need be. If we keep these moments up, then before we know it from this day on, it quickly turns into a lifetime of moments.

The other benefit of the notion of enjoying each moment singular is that we experience life each day filled with a variety of episodes and situations. If they are moments filled with negative behaviors, emotional pain or conflict, we can choose to change either our outlook, circumstance or begin emotional healing if needed, so in reality you can leave your past and life in those moments behind. If used and perceived properly – mistakes or pain are now moments filled with lessons and future awareness. Guilt and regret are turned into resolution that motivates positive change, improving each moment and each day as they pass.

Perhaps the saying, “make it a good day,” could be changed to, “make each moment count – make your moments into a good life.”

Moments are ever changing – the only constant in life is change, which none of us can escape. The difficulties that arise from this transformation, which cause us immense stress, lie in our resistance to this change. The swiftness with which this change occurs is an individual and solitary experience and each person should embrace the unique path of their growth and let the extraordinary gifts of each moment propel them further toward unraveling their best selves for their present and future path.

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