5 Ways To Refocus

1) Aromatherapy-

Keep a small bottle of the essential oil Peppermint! If you start to feel tired at work or in a mid day slump, reach for the bottle of Peppermint oil! You can gently inhale the peppermint oil or also put some oil on your fingers and and dab a little bit behind each ear or on the back of your neck. Peppermint oil is known as the “energizer” aroma; with its fresh and crisp minty scent it will aliven your senses! Peppermint has been proven to be a mental stimulant and helps to keep your mind alert and helps you to refocus when your drifting.

2) Laughter-

Research shows that laughter is a powerful and beneficial way to take a break from stress or when losing your concentration. Laughter reduces stress hormones such as Cortisol, Epinephrine and Adrenaline. Laughter also has been shown to boost and increase your bodies feel good chemicals- Endorphins and also help strengthen the body’s immune system. So take a break and watch a funny YouTube video, go tell a joke to a co- worker or friend or read the newspaper comics- have a few giggles for a fun break!

3) Exercise-

Bring your tennis shoes to work! Even if you can only get up and take a 10 minute break and walk around inside it will get your blood flowing. If you are lucky enough to take a walk outside, even better breath in some fresh air, take in some Vitamin D and being outdoors helps your mind and body find a great happy place! Walking, even short walking breaks, can be extremely important to help reduce your stress level, again you connect to those lovely feel good hormones and endorphins to lift your mood! It can also be an outlet for frustration, problem solving while you move and make a good distraction to let your mind have a happy break and prepare to switch back on to work mode.

4) Meditation-

The power of meditation, even for short periods, can do wonders for the mind and soul. Try and find a quiet place, even better if you can sit outside- sit calmly and begin to bring awareness to your breathing pattern, letting go and relaxing your body. Start to take full deep cleansing breaths and notice the depth of each inhale and release of each exhale. Here is a quick and easy breathing meditative technique: Inhale through your nose slowly in 4 counts, then hold your breath for 4 counts and exhale through your mouth for 4 counts. Rest and repeat. Connecting to your breath will help you find your physical and mental inner calmness. This meditative breathing technique will help you clear your mind of the chatter, feel refreshed and ready to start again mentally!

5) Music and a protein snack!

This great combo will help give you some pep! Plan ahead and make a playlist of your favorite uplifting songs so when you feel yourself mentally going dull reach for the headphones. Its also good to pack a protein snack for mid day so you don’t crash and burn physically too! Choose wisely- go for energy boosting snacks that provide energy for a sustained period of time. A good example would be nuts and fresh fruits- no sugary snacks that only provide a short high to low energy. So turn up your favorite tunes sit back and snack on some protein. Music will energize your mood and protein will keep your physical tank revved up! You have a energizing break and be ready to focus with a smile!

In Health and Happiness,

Kim Truman

Professional Fitness and Wellness Expert specializing in High Performance Athletic Training/

Life Coaching/ MT Nutrition Advisor and Independent Writer


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