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Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Newsletter Friday , March 9, 2012
In This Issue:
• Tips to Keep Stress From Aggravating RA
• Vasculitis Treatment Gives Patients ‘Quiet Time’  
• Treating RA, Depression, and Fatigue at the Same Time

24 Foods to Feed
Your Heart

People with RA are twice as likely to
have a heart attack as those without
RA. Foods that can lower your risk.
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• The Best Food Choices for You
• Safe, Sexy Shoes for Sore Feet  
• The Estrogen-RA Link
Tips to Keep Stress From Aggravating RA
Keeping stress to a minimum can help stop RA
from flaring. Useful ways to close the door on stress.
Also See:
• How RA Medications Impact Bone Health
• Managing Motherhood When You Have RAVasculitis Treatment Gives Patients ‘Quiet Time’  
Vasculitis is an inflammatory autoimmune disease that attacks
blood vessels. It can occur along with RA. Treatments that help.
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• When RA Strikes the Neck
• The Benefits of Napping  
Treating RA, Depression, and Fatigue at the Same Time
Are you feeling tired and blue? Depression may be to blame.
Our expert offers tips for treating depression and fatigue.Join the conversation in the WebMD RA Community.
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